Welcome to the Sundial Video web site, your source for audio/video conversion and post-production services in Northern Virginia! 

How will your memories stand the test of time?
Preserve them before it's too late!!!
Do you have boxes of family photos and home movies collecting dust on shelves in your home?  Is your home computer's hard disk a "box" for all of your digital photographs and digital video?  Perhaps you are a small band looking to record your first album, or a voice actor trying to get noticed by an agent?  Or are you a small organization or business wanting to use multimedia advertisements to reach new markets or to cost-effectively disseminate information to customers or employees?

Sundial Video can help by providing homes and small businesses with a variety of audio/video conversion and post-production services.  Our studio can help you convert your video clips, photographs, and audio tracks into high quality, long lasting Digital Video Discs (DVD) or Compact Discs (CD).  In addition to converting your video and audio "as is", we also can combine audio and video from your digital or analog equipment into a fully edited and produced movie!

Our A/V post-production services distinguish us from other companies that only provide "video tape transfer".  The flexibility of our studio allows us to serve home customers with very specific needs, as well as schools, churches, and small businesses that may want to publish multimedia bulletins, advertisements, and/or training materials to digital video (DV) tape or DVD, or to broadcast this information via the World Wide Web.  We also work with musicians, filmmakers, authors, and voice talent to produce projects such as CDs, films, audiobooks, demo discs, educational software, and more.  Our new music and audio production studio, the SoundSPOT™ at Sundial Video, provides everything you need to record and master voice and music.  Call us at 703-690-0171 or send an e-mail to sales@sundialvideo.com to put our studio to work for you today!