What are A/V Post-Production Services?
The term "post-production" refers to all of the assembling and editing of video and sound that occurs after movies have been "shot" using a camera and/or music has been recorded in a sound studio.  Sundial Video can combine captured audio, and motion or still images from analog sources, such as VHS, VHS-C, Beta, 8mm, standard film photographs, 35mm film strips, 35mm film slides, open reel audio tape, or audio cassette, and digital sources, such as DV, Compact Flash™, SmartMedia™, JPEG, MiniDisc™, digital audio tape (DAT), and MP3, into a multimedia masterpiece, complete with special effects, scene transitions, titles, and background music.  Once the assembling and editing has been completed, the consolidated work can be authored to DVD or Video CD (VCD), mastered to DV or VHS tape, or encoded as a file that you can publish on your own web site.  The choice is yours!

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