Why do I need to convert my pictures and video tapes?
Although film and video tape are well suited to shoot still images and motion video, they are not an effective medium for storage.  That is because both media have a chemically-treated surface on which the video and/or audio is "applied".  Each time you view a video tape on your VCR, the tape playback heads press against the tape, thus removing some of the chemical coating from the tape's surface and degrading its quality.  Unfortunately, this chemical coating also deteriorates naturally (albeit more slowly) even if your videos and photographs sit in a box on a shelf.  What's worse, if your video tapes are placed or stored near an unshielded magnetic source (car speakers, for example), they can be erased entirely!  Your home movies and family photos could be at risk from wear, disintegration over time, and/or exposure to magnetic fields.  

DVDs and CDs are a practical alternative.  If properly maintained, DVDs and CDs will last virtually forever, and the images and audio contained on them will be in exactly the same condition as the day the disc was created!  DVDs and CDs also have superior sound and image quality compared to video tapes, plus they have the capability to provide immediate access (via menus and buttons) to specific segments, or "chapters" of your video.  DVDs and CDs also can be used to preserve photos as digital slide shows, which can be organized by date, topic, or subject.

Let Sundial Video convert your video tapes to DVD or Video CD before it's too late.  Your memories will be preserved on an extremely durable media, plus you can customize your DVD to look like those you buy from the store.  Each DVD package in our product line can contain up to 30 chapters, with different levels of customization to suit your needs.  If you do not see what you are looking for, give us a call at 703-690-0171 and let us know.  Because we are an A/V post-production studio, we will make every attempt to accommodate you!

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