Audio Conversion
Convert your precious audio recordings from 33-1/3 rpm, 45 rpm, and 78 rpm vinyl records (LPs), digital audio tapes (DATs), open reel audio tapes (1/4" × 5" and 1/4" × 7"), MiniDisc™, or audio cassette tapes to audio CD.  Audio CDs are much more durable, and can be encoded to provide immediate access to specific audio tracks.  Because the sound is digitally recorded onto the CD, the audio quality will never degrade, no matter how many times you listen to it!  

Simply send us the audio material you would like to be converted, including any special instructions.  For an additional charge (for each LP/audio tape), we offer optional services for reducing the annoying clicking and popping noises in the audio.  (We only can guarantee that these undesired noises will be reduced, but not completely removed.)  Also, some vinyl LPs and audio tapes may have significant scratches or other imperfections that may impact the quality of the recording.  We cannot be responsible for those portions of the audio that we were not able to convert.  (Please note that you must have the legal authority to reproduce any audio material you submit to us for inclusion on your CD.)

Each CD can contain up to 80 minutes of audio.  If the material you need converted exceeds that limit, we will separate the audio into multiple CDs.

Price (includes CD case, standard labels, and audio track separation)

Audio Format
Price per CD
Open Reel Tape/DAT/MiniDisc™

Optional audio clean up - $10.00

Each additional copy of CD - $10.00

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