About Us 
Sundial Video, located in Northern Virginia, is an audio/video conversion and post-production studio established to service the needs of home consumers, schools, churches, and small not-for-profit organizations.  This company was formed to provide customers with two fundamental services:
Charles S. Kuehn

1)  High quality conversion of analog A/V media into a digital format; and

2)  Editing and mixing of multiple audio and/or video sources (legally provided and approved by the customer) into a professionally produced video.

Most consumers and small businesses have neither the time nor money to invest in the equipment and/or training necessary to take home video or small projects and convert them into a quality finished product.  Home videos and pictures sit on a shelf, deteriorating from the passage of time.  Small businesses struggle to cost-effectively distribute product information to their customers or disseminate training materials to their employees.

At Sundial Video, we have made the investment in superior quality equipment and software to produce superior results.  Many of the tools that we use in our studio are the same ones used by Hollywood studios.  We have the ability to enhance analog source material during conversion, resulting in a finished product that is visually and aurally superior to the original.  Sundial Video provides customers a way to convert AND combine their A/V “memories” or other "projects" onto a single source, which can then be stored on DVD, SVCD, VCD, CD, or as digital content on the World Wide Web or a business' corporate intranet.

Our goal is to become the premier provider of audio/video conversion and post-production services in the greater D.C. metropolitan area.  Sundial Video is dedicated to building long-term relationships with our customers through high-quality, customized products and unmatched customer support.

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